About Me

My name is Jennifer and I like to cook. This is where I write about it.

I grew up in a house where meals were regularly prepared. They may not have always been fancy (pasta salad), they may not have always been perfect (mom’s “reusable pie crust”) but they took time and effort. My parents both worked full-time, and both also participated equally in the kitchen. I also have memories of my grandmothers making desserts, perogies, cabbage rolls and homemade bread that my sister and I got to shape ourselves. I’m still learning great recipes from both of them.

I always loved helping out in the kitchen growing up but when I moved out on my own, that’s when I really learnt how to cook. There was a share of mishaps including mistakenly thinking I could serve a (now ex) boyfriend “medium-rare chicken” (seriously), more than a few batches of burnt baked goods and the realization that not all flavours go well together. I quickly learnt that if I wanted to eat well, and I couldn’t afford restaurants every night of the week, that I could buy the ingredients and make meals just as great – and sometimes better – than a restaurant. It’s been an ongoing journey in the kitchen ever since and I love constantly improving and learning new skills.

I work as a Public Relations Consultant in Toronto, so shortcuts and easy recipes are a necessity for me. I’m also a really big supporter of not for profit initiatives in the areas of animal welfare, children’s charities, human rights issues, health care and community based support. I’m a dog owner, a pug I scooped up from a shelter and named Rambo based on his “attitude”. If you’ve met him, you know what I mean.

The best thing about blogging in my opinion is interacting with people, so feel free to let me know what you think. Or feel free to quietly lurk, that’s ok too.

About this Blog

I personally moderate all of the comments so if they don’t show up right away, they will shortly.

I love getting feedback but will not approve;

  • spam – It’s trash as a “food product” and on the web
  • advertising or links to websites that aren’t relevant
  • any inappropriately offensive comments will not be posted, directed at others or myself

Rambo - "Taste Tester"


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