French Toast with Figs

French toast is really quick and easy for a weekend brunch, you can pretty much top them with whatever fresh fruit is in season. I made these with fresh figs that I cooked in a splash of dry red wine – they weren’t as sweet as using berries but still tasted great. (Sautéed apples are still my favorite.)

Clean and dice the figs (or other fruit), heat a pan on medium and add the fruit with a splash of red wine. Once cooked through, mix to create an even fruit puree. (If you like you can add sugar to the fruit while cooking to make it sweeter.)

For basic french toast, whisk together 2 eggs with milk, brown sugar , cinnamon and vanilla. Dip your bread slices into the egg mixture and place in a heated pan with melted butter.  Top the french toast with fresh fruit mixture and enjoy!


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