My favorite breakfast to make – “Egg in a Basket”

This is pretty easy to do but is one of my favorite things to make in the morning. My boyfriend is addicted to this breakfast and I make it at least once a week.

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  1.  In a skillet on medium heat some oil with a dab of butter (it makes for better flavor and the oil stops the butter from browning)
  2. Take a piece of bread, press into the centre with a small round cup and twist. Remove the circular bread piece
  3. Add the bread to the pan, crack an egg into the hole you made in the bread, season and cook, turning over halfway through cooking
  4. Continue cooking until the egg is solid (I like to keep the yolk soft)

 I served this with a side of crispy bacon and fried potatoes. The potatoes were cooked on the stovetop in a bit of the bacon grease, tossed with sea salt, pepper and chili flakes.



2 responses to “My favorite breakfast to make – “Egg in a Basket”

  • Marissa

    these are my favorite too! every now and then i can convince don to make them for me, and when i do, its a good day 🙂 …there’s just something about them isn’t there?

    • Jennifer

      It’s just so much better than eggs and toast separately… same ingredients but there’s just something great about them together! Must be breakfast sorcery of some kind. 😉

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