Homemade Cleaning Products

This post isn’t about cooking, but eco-cleaner recipes and how to make your own cleaning products at home. There has been a lot of criticism lately about companies “green-washing” their products and services. While I fully support the things we put in our bodies, on our bodies and in our homes having less toxic ingredients I think we need to be WAY more conscious consumers rather than relying on the word “green” appearing on a label.

Green cleaning products. *sigh*

Without picking on any brand in particular, I personally don’t like or use many of these products. (Why do they add artificial colours to them anyways if they’re supposed to be “natural”?) There are a few exceptions available in health food stores but honestly, a lot of cleaning products can be made at home. It’s easy and it saves you money. So here are a few tips passed down to me from Grandma Ouellette that I still use today.

  • Multi-surface cleaner can be made by diluting 1 part white vinegar to 1 parts water and storing it in a spray bottle. A lot of us know that one, but hate the smell? So did I. That’s why I started adding a few drops of essential oil to my mix. You can use pine if you like “pine fresh” scented cleaning products, lemon, lavender etc. Anything you like really. My favorite these days is grapefruit.
  • Paper towels can leave behind lint. Sheets of old newspaper are great for cleaning glass without leaving fluffy bits or streaks.
  • For tougher stuck on dirt make a paste with aluminum-free baking powder and water, rub onto the area and spray on ½ vinegar ½ water. It will foam and dissolve the dirt/oil making it much easier to clean off.
  • To clean wooden surfaces like dressers, coffee tables etc. I mix about ½ a tablespoon of lemon oil, 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and about 3 drops of olive oil. Mix, dab onto a cloth and clean-away!

Most of these supplies can be found at the grocery store, and essential oils you can find in most health food stores. There are a lot of recipes online for home cleaning products that you make yourself, you just have to get out of the habit of buying the products with the skull and crossbones or dissolving hand-symbol (so creepy).

If you have kids at home, any efforts to have less toxins around is probably a good idea. I don’t have tiny-tots, so I do it for “the Pug” (my dog Rambo) who spends a lot of time at floor-level.


So do you use green cleaning products? Have a different opinion? Feel free to chime in!

And thanks to @slaister for the office banter that contributed to this post (not to mention the office banter that never makes it online) 😉


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